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Smart Technology / Automation


With today's smart home technology powered by, some homeowners are electing to install home automation systems as the primary feature.  We strongly believe that a truly smart home should have monitored security for protection of your family and your possessions, however we also believe that our customers should have options. Today's new technology provides you with greater flexibility and features that you’re sure to enjoy. If you’re not familiar with this state-of-the-art technology, you’re sure to be impressed with all that it has to offer.

The Difference is in the Connectivity

Smart home systems are able to integrate your thermostat, alarm, smart phone, and even your lights to give you more control. If you invest in cameras, then you can use the smart alarm to see what’s going on in your house even if you’re 1,000 miles away.

Always Connected with Real Time Notifications

With this state-of-the-art automated system, you no longer have to wonder if your kids arrived home from school or if the housekeeper arrived on time.  Notifications can be programmed to alert you via text or email of not only the basic security happenings of your home, but now you are empowered to know who, what and when someone enters your home with a simple alert.

Key Benefits to Consider

You may not be impressed with the idea of changing the household temperature from your couch, but this is a great feature if your kids like to move the thermostat when you’re away from home. You can check on the temperature, lighting, and alarms from any location that has an Internet connection. If you tend to be forgetful, then you won’t have to turn around and drive home to make sure the alarm is armed. You can check these areas of your home while sitting in rush hour traffic. You can even disarm the alarm to let contractors in and then arm it again after they leave. All of these are benefits you don’t have when you invest in a standard system.

Preset Schedules or Automated Rules- YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

One amazing benefit of this system is the ability to set schedules or rules.  The difference is simple; a SCHEDULE is when you program for example, your thermostat to adjust it's target temperature based on your schedule.  So every Monday-Friday it adjust to a comfortable temperature during your morning routine, but as you leave for work, it automatically adjust to save energy and money.  It later readjust at a preset time to allow the home to once again reach a comfortable temperature just minutes before you arrive home.   The ability to program preset schedules is very time specific and can be done on an hourly, daily, weekly etc. bases.  Meaning you can set another schedule for your weekend routine as well.


A RULE is quite different.  A rule is when you program one or more of your devices to react following a command or alarm.  For example, let's say you have monitored smoke detectors, automatic lights, thermostat and a door lock on your system.  We can create a rule that programs your lights to turn on and the front door to unlock in the event of a smoke alarm to assist your family with a quick exit should a fire alarm sound in your home.   We can also program your thermostat to shut off during a smoke alarm so that it no longer circulates smoke throughout the home.  This is called a rule- one event trigger and one or more other devices respond as programmed.


Geo-Services-  Have Your Home Automatically Adjust Based on Your Location

Make your home work for you with our Geo-Services.  This automation feature uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you're leaving or approaching your home or work.  Based on your set preferences, it then makes automatic adjustments to your home settings or sends you customized reminders and timely alerts.  This service connects you with your home more than ever before.  With Geo-Services you can-

  • Get an Arming Alert if you've left your home without arming your system.
  • Have your thermostat adjust to a predetermined target temperature when you are approaching your home.
  • Pause video recording for privacy when home.

 Saving Money and Time

One unexpected bonus of this type of system is that you’ll save money and time. The ability to check on your lights and thermostat remotely means that you can take greater control over those utilities. You’ll save time by being able to check on the house remotely rather than driving home or going around the house to check on everything.

Appropriate for Older Homes and New Construction

People usually believe that they can only enjoy a high level of home automation when they build a home. However, modern technology can also be used in older homes. You’ll need to upgrade your thermostat and a few other features, but you can improve the connectivity level even in older properties.


When you’re ready to invest in home security, take it a step further by choosing smart home alarms that make the most out of automation. You’ll love the convenience, and you’ll rein in your utility bills by being able to check on the thermostat and certain lights. Most of all, you’ll appreciate being able to check on the property and control the alarm from remote locations.