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At ADSi, our goal is not to just make a business deal with you, but to make a real difference in your life.  We plan over time to offer wonderful safety tips for you and your family.  PLUS for our security system customers, we plan to offer great tips and tutorials for user and maintenance issues.  So please, give us time to explore and expand this page and be sure to check back in the future for the latest updates!













Home Safety Tips for Winter


Who’s ready for winter?


Unfortunately, burglars are. They don’t take the winter off, mainly because the season presents many opportunities: lots of people traveling, expensive presents, and telltale signs that a house is uninhabited.


This winter, don’t let burglars ruin your holiday spirit. Take the steps to make sure your home is protected at all times with these safety tips.


Secure Doors and Windows


It’s easy to forget, but you should always remember to lock your doors and windows, whether you’ll be gone for just an hour or an entire week. If you plan on traveling, don’t forget to lock your deadbolt.


Hide the Snow Shovel


Shoveling is backbreaking work and once you’re done, you just want to toss the shovel aside in exhaustion. It’s all in your power to do so, but don’t forget to bring it back inside. Burglars can use a shovel to pry open a door or shatter a window.


Turn the Lights On


Daytime during the winter is very short, and many will find that they get home well after the sun’s gone down. Lights act as a burglar deterrent, so you’ll want to find ways to turn on your lights, such as by using automated lights.  Remember, our interactive security systems can include automated lights, locks and thermostats.


Don’t Over Share


There is a real danger to oversharing on social media. Burglars now monitor social platforms to see when a homeowner will be traveling, allowing them to see exactly when a home will be empty. Limit your (and your kids’) status updates and photo uploads until you return home.


Make It Appear Like You’re Home (Even When You’re Not)


Burglars are on the lookout for homes that appear to have been uninhabited for an extended period of time. They look for telltale signs like a driveway still covered from last week’s snowfall, a pile of newspapers and a stuffed mailbox. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail, shovel or walk around in the snow to create footprints, or better yet, to housesit while you’re gone.


Keep Gifts Hidden


During the holidays, it’s important to keep any gifts – wrapped or unwrapped – out of view. A large box let’s a burglar know there’s something worth stealing and you don’t want to give them any reason to target your home.


Careful with the Trash


Speaking of gifts, be careful with what you do with the boxes after you open them. As you throw them out, make sure to break them down so the boxes aren’t as visible. Place them in trash bins or cover them as best as possible.