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Medical Alert Systems

Peace of mind, when it matters most!

"I've fallen and I can't get up" was an emotional television add series some time ago, and punctuated the dangers that can confront seniors living alone. Now with the addition or two-way medical alert systems, you can actually talk to a response center dispatcher in time of emergency! Whether you just need help getting back to bed, or if you smell smoke, the trained dispatcher can decide how best to help you by calling a family member or emergency services

The goal of most seniors is to stay in their home for as long as possible, and with our medical alert systems, this is obtainable.  Family members can take comfort in knowing their loved-one is safe and should a medical emergency arise, help is quickly summoned with the push of a button.  Our main office is located in one of the largest retirement communities in the country, and many of our seniors find themselves miles away from family at a time when they feel the greatest need. Children and grandchildren can take comfort in knowing their loved-one is not isolated from assistance even when living alone or miles from home, thanks to the peace of mind offered with our medical alert systems.  This peace of mind comes from knowing you have done everything possible to ensure your parents/grandparents or other medically challenged loved-one is equipped to easily and conveniently seek assistance when and if the dreaded need arises.  Let ADSi help you or a loved-one stay self sufficient and living at home for as long as possible with our medical alert services.