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Monitored Residential Fire Systems
Home Fire Alarm Monitoring - Monitored System. For Peace of Mind, Safety and Security
Your Home is your sanctuary and you always want to feel safe in it. You pay close attention when your children are playing outside, you lock all the doors at night, and you have a security system and smoke detectors. You're not completely safe though, unless you're also diligent by investing in smoke detector monitoring for your home.

Checking the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is just one small step toward properly protecting your home from fire. Having your smoke detectors monitored by an outside source ensures that your home and family are protected when you are at home, or away from home. Monitored fire alarm systems are connected to an off-site company who monitor your smoke detectors (and security devices) 24/7 in case of an emergency. When smoke is detected by these state-of-the-art, monitored smoke detectors, the monitoring station will be alerted and immediately dispatch emergency services. When you are in your home and alert, you can smell smoke and see fire. But when you are at work or asleep at night, you are much less likely to be aware or awaken to a clear mind with a precise plan. Fire moves quickly and can be fatal to your family and pets. Fire causes major damage to your home or total destruction if it is not caught quickly. Having fire alarm system monitoring helps insure that emergency services are contacted the moment serious danger is detected, rather than hoping a neighbor will call the fire department on your behalf.   
 It's devastating to imagine coming home from work to find your house engulfed or flames, or waking to the smell of smoke to find that you and your family are in serious life-threatening danger. Don't take a chance on your safety and don't risk losing the huge investment that is your home. Fire alarm system monitoring gives peace of mind and assurance that your sanctuary remains standing for years to come.
Insurance Savings
Your insurance company understands how electronic security can substantially reduce your risk due to these causes. That’s why they give substantial discounts on annual premiums.