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Central Vacuum Systems
Electrolux: The Best in the Industry
An Electrolux Central Vacuum System installed by ADSi features high power and durable construction. It is the only central unit carrying a ten-year warranty! 

It utilizes a closed system design to collect and remove 100% of contacted pollutants and allergens, such as dirt, dust, pollen, mites, animal dander and debris from the living area, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. 

Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems have a complete line of power units to clean homes of all types and sizes.  Carpet, laminate, hardwood- this vacuum tackles any surface with ease and the attachment station (included) offers flexibility and convenience when cleaning furniture, table tops, pet hair etc.  No more sweeping and simply stirring the dust and particles around the room, let this amazing must have tool be YOUR next purchase!    NEW CONSTRUCTION DISCOUNT- 10% OFF Call our office for details!
A Central Vacuum System can be installed in virtually any home.

Each strategically placed inlet lets you vacuum 700 - 800 square feet.

Example of a four inlet install.