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No Phone? No Problem!
Many people today are no longer using traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) as the communication pathway for their security systems. Some of the reasons for this are listed below:
  • There must be a regular telephone line in the home. With the popularity of cellular telephones in recent times, not all households still have this type of line.
  • POTS lines are prone to failure, especially in inclement weather conditions. This leaves the security system unable to communicate with its monitoring center in an emergency.
  • POTS lines are often located above ground and can be cut by criminals to disable a security system.
  • A POTS connection to a security system must be set up correctly, so that the system can “seize” (take over) the connection in an emergency. If it is not correctly set up and the phone line is in use, it may not be able to communicate with the monitoring center.
I’m thinking about changing my phone service. What should I do?
The first thing you should do is contact your alarm company. Talk to your company about the impending switch and discuss communication technologies that are compatible with your alarm system.
What OTHER communication technologies are available for use with alarm systems?
Thanks to advances in technology, alarm systems are designed to work with many different types of communication services. It is becoming increasingly common practice for good security companies to connect their security systems to a monitoring center using more advance technologies like GSM (Global System for Mobile communications), IP (Internet Protocol) or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) rather than just relying on older POTS technology to do the job.

At Advanced Detection Systems, Inc. our partnership with has made the option to not use a traditional phone line even more desirable. has the added benefits of arming and disarming, getting notifications of alarm events and managing your security system from anywhere in the world via the web. You can also use your Smart Phone or Tablet to control your security system and get notifications of alarm events.

One added benefit of both cellular transmission and is that a burglar cannot “disable” the security system by cutting the phone line. This added protection for many is the most beneficial part of not using a traditional phone line for security system transmission.