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Image 1    Today's busy families and small business owners need more from their security systems!  Our Best-Selling Fully Interactive system powered by offers monitored intrusion and life safety as does most basic systems; however it offers so much more!  With this system comes full system access and remote control from any internet connected device such as your smartphone, iPad, laptop etc.  Remotely Arm/Disarm your system as well as operate a full range of Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and more!  Live streaming video and video recording with offsite and tamper proof cloud based storage available with one of two Pro Video Plans.  Real time notifications keep you connected and aware of all system status changes.  Set up Geo-Fencing allowing your smartphone's location to trigger automatic adjustments to your thermostat, send you text alerts that you have left your home but failed to arm your system and so much more!  With services, your security and your home is truly in the palm of your hands!  MORE INFO


 Image 2Our goal is to protect what you value most while offering the added confidence of doing business with a local company honored to carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Much of why we carry that A+ rating, is due to the Central Monitoring Station, we as a company have elected to partner with.  Criticom Monitoring Services provides the highest of quality in  both residential and commercial monitoring services and has done so nationwide since 1978.  We feel CMS goes beyond the call to ensure the safety and security of our customers.  With THREE redundant monitoring centers separately located across the country, should there be a natural disaster at one location, the other two locations are ready to take your alarm signal and respond with uninterrupted service.  These three monitoring centers are remotely connected which allows CMS to load balance by redistributing operator resources during spikes in alarm activity to ensure you never have to wait for service.  Monitoring services are the heart and soul of the security business.  With the highly trained staff and resources available through our partnership with CMS, we are confident that we can in turn provide you and your home/business with total peace of mind.